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If you are serious about succeeding in your network marketing business, you should consider setting up a blog. A blog is a way for you to promote either your products or your opportunity. You can develop qualified leads, increase your earning potential, and create valuable exposure on the internet, a tool which all network marketers agree, is invaluable when it comes to success.

The first key to having a successful network Marketing Blog is deciding whether you will use it to promote your business or your opportunity. Experts will tell you that you can't do both with the same blog. Using one platform to market two types of products/services (your product is one, your opportunity is the other) can make it difficult for people to find you blog. It can also confuse readers and keep you from developing a consistent readership.

If you've chosen to blog about your products/services, take the approach that your products will solve a potential problem for the reader. Don't simply post items about the features of your product, instead, talk about the features but sell them on the benefits. You've probably had sales training on features and benefits, but in case you haven't a feature of a product is a factual statement about that product. Let's say, for example, you are selling organic pet food. A feature of your pet food would be that the food is made of organically grown vegetables. A benefit, by contrast, highlights "what's in it" for the buyer. Using the pet food example, a benefit would be that your dog is not ingesting potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides, like they may with standard vegetable-based pet food.

You can expand upon this benefit as the theme for your entire blog. Sticking with the pet food example, the network marketer could create an entire website and blog based around pet health. Always bring your posts back around to your product, and let the reader know how beneficial it is for their pet to be eating your food. internet marketing tools

Make sure that your blog posts link to your main network marketing site, or have a way for the reader to purchase your products directly from the blog. You want to motivate them to action, and if you have to wait for them to find your online store, you're very likely to lose customers. Strike while the iron is hot, and you can easily increase your customer base with your network marketing blog.

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