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Top search results are attractive and very important as they get most of the clicks. This is free traffic to our websites and business as well. For instance, the first position gets about 62% of all clicks that come to views of the search results. This means that more than half of the people searching for something will click on the first result. So if your site can’t benefit from traffic it important to hire some link building service to get on the top. Search engine optimization is also another method which means all on-page optimizations and activities to get higher rankings. Each ranking is determined for a specific keyword. Hence you should optimize pages for precisely selected keywords. Keyword selection is very important and is in fact the first step of SEO. To be able to get at top positions in search results you need to carefully select internet marketing tools that satisfy few criteria.

You need keywords that have low competition so as to optimize your site for the keyword. Competition can be determined for each keyword using soft wares such as page rank checker, market samuria. If too many pages are targeting the same keyword then you will not be able to come close to the first page of search results. Also, if the keyword has low competition it will be worthless if nobody will search for it. Therefore you need to target keywords that have some search volume.

The next SEO step is an attractive page. The page should provide some information about the target keyword. You need to write quality text that mentions this keyword. Quality text means that you should avoid using any text from other websites. Duplicate content will be discovered and this will significantly affect rankings. Quality unique content is a prerequisite for high page ranking.

When the web page is created you need to check if the target keyword is present in the title, that it is properly emphasized without excessive repetitions and that it is immediately evident what the page is about. If the page will be attractive for human visitors it will be also automatically "attractive" to search engines. Search engines, and Google in particular, try to understand web pages as people do, so they easily discover artificial elements that are meant only to fool search engines.

The final SEO task is page promotion. This is a long term activity which has only one goal: to get as many quality backlinks as possible from Link Building Services Providers. The most valuable links are from related high authority pages. Each link will not just direct users to our webpage, it will also provide valuable information to search engines which pages have some interesting content.

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