Best Car Polish

Every car owners enjoys the look of a brand new car. However, this look is short-lived as the paintwork becomes scratched , stained with oil marks and dust within no time. Applying the Best Car Polish helps restore shine to your car as also give it a bright look. The Best car polish contains some essential ingredients which work hard to remove dust; grime and oil as also remove the minor scratches that develop.

It is critical that one understands the difference between a car polish and a car wax. Normal wax gives a water protective layer and a shiny finish. It does not remove scratches as car waxes usually do not have abrasive agents. Abrasive ingredients present in the composition of polish helps remove scratches. Car polish has hydrocarbon solvents that help remove dust, grime and oil marks, and scratch marks are taken care of by the abrasive elements in the polish.

Many people will buy car polish when all they want to do is put a protective coating or gloss on their car. Car wax is best for putting a nice gloss or protective coating on your car. Car polish is good if you need to remove flaws or scratches from the paint. Car polish is something that most people only need once or twice a year. Knowing the difference and choosing the best car polish is essential if you want to continue to maintain the life and shine of your paint.

A car wax is designed to protect your cars paint, while a car polish is made to clean and has fillers that will hide any scratches and imperfections. The polish basically cleans the paint with mild chemicals and abrasives. Polish can give your finish a nice deep luster, but it wears away with the weather and time.

Lots of car polishes are found in the market today. Read and make sure what the product is designed to do before you purchase one. Don't purchase a product based only on price. There are products on the market that are designed to polish and clean in one application. Even though these products will work for you, they aren't as good as using both products independently. Car polishes come in solid and liquid forms.

There isn't much difference in shine and gloss between the two. Don't use dish washing soap or general household, run of the mill cleaners, as they can be too harsh and may damage your paint. Use a cleaner that is made specifically for car finishes. Rinse your car thoroughly and dry it before applying the polish. After you finish with the polish, apply a coat of wax to protect the finish. Most manufactures recommend using the polish no more than twice a year. See Auto Car Detailing Company for more.

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